It’s your big day and you want to make sure everything is perfect and runs smoothly. Now, this requires planning and much thought on your part. As part of your planning, it’s important to shortlist your venue requirements. Considerations will include: What kind of venue would you like? What are the things you need, want and can you go without? We share some tips below on what to include as part of your thought process and planning.



The wedding venue is one of the biggest investments and most notable features of your wedding day, as such, it should be one of the main focuses of your budget. The wedding venues across Bradford and surrounding areas vary significantly in their price, it is therefore important to consider what budget can be set aside (per guest) to cover the venue and catering costs whilst ensuring enough money is left over for other aspects of the wedding (i.e. car hire, dresses, entertainment, holiday etc).


Location, location, location

Asian weddings are an event that brings together family, friends and contacts that you don’t frequently see as they live on the other side of the country or abroad. Bearing this in mind, your venue needs to be accessible and easy to reach for both local guests and those coming from further afield. Does the venue have good transport links, for those travelling by public transport or by road? Does it have hotels nearby to accommodate overnight guests?

HQ Banqueting is a close to the centre of Bradford and has great links for those travelling by road and by public transport – including a train station a short walk away!

We have several hotels within a ten-minute walk from our banqueting hall.


Your theme and ambience

When considering the wedding theme, you’ll need to ensure its compatible with the features and structure of the venue and if the venue can work with you to meet your needs.

The venue can facilitate or restrict your theme choices including the stage, dance floor, colours, lighting, table decor, dividers, walkway, indoor, digital displays, welcome drinks, appetisers and indoor pyrotechnics (fireworks), PA system and many other options.

At HQ Banqueting, we have created three packages [link here] based upon our experience of client needs however we are not restricted to these and offer additional services to meet our client’s expectations.


Consider your guest’s list

Before you set your heart on your dream venue, draft a list of attendees to consciously decide on a wedding venue that will comfortably accommodate all your guests. Have an allowance to account for those who are unable to make it or those guests you forgot and remembered last minute (we’ve all been there!).


Choosing a venue that brings life your vision

We pride our venue for affording clients a blank canvas that can be adapted to suit all tastes and themes. Furthermore, the HQ Banqueting team has built a reputation for working closely with clients to translate their vision into a reality and in all honesty, this gives us the most job satisfaction, bringing to life our client’s dream wedding.


We have created a virtual tour of our Banqueting Hall to help you decide if our venue suits your vision, to have a look around click here.




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