The heart of your function, hosting up to 1000 of your guests


After passing through the foyer, you go down the grand stairs and past the beautiful water feature. It is then you first witness the grandeur of the ballroom.

This large open space has over 1000m2 with the ceiling – a monumental 6 metres above ground. The most striking feature of this ballroom is that, even with all this space, there is no visual barrier anywhere in this room. No pillars and a huge 60m2 stage elevated at the front of the room mean that you can see what is going on in the venue from all areas.

This room is equipped with high speed Wi-Fi and a high-quality audio system complete with 16 surround sound speakers and a wireless mic for announcement and speeches. A massive chandelier is set in the middle of the hall and is complimented by mood lighting which can display a wide range of colours.


The structure of our ballroom area makes it like a blank canvas, where you can let your imagination loose, and bring to life your dream wedding or function.

Whether it is a dance floor or a particular stage we will help you achieve what you want.


Do you want to deliver a message to your guests? Then what better way than to use our PA and sound system to address all in the ballroom area.


The walkway is tailored to the bride and grooms preferences and appropriate flower or other decorative arrangements are all taken care of.


We are one of the largest banqueting halls in Bradford and can host up to 1000 people.


Please complete the information outlined below and we will get in touch with you to discuss your function.

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